Milestones of Post for Rent

Why just dream when you can dream bigger? Post for rent became one of fastest developing company dealing with influencer marketing in a very short time. Of course, it’s not only about dreaming: it’s about our belief in profession, our trust in our amazing team members and – most of all – the faith that influencers create something unique. Our future oriented and forward thinking solutions, as well as the feedbacks from the whole industry, made us believe that we are on a good track: our automated, data-driven system made the brands life more easier, their campaigns more effective and influencer’s dream made not just bigger, but realistic too. But how did it start? How did a small innovation become a global software and how did it affect the influencer marketing? Here are our milestones we are proud of, not just because we love data and numbers.

Still need some proof? Here you go:

  • beside the automate system, we create a so-called social DNA from each of our influencers data
  • Costa Coffee run 122 transaction and achieved 8.6 million reach through our system so far
  • Vodafone, Spar, Rauch and Nike are among our biggest advertisers
  • we created 2 million reach for a Got Your Gear with 2 influencer only
  • HBO Hungary have chosen us to work with influencers at the very first time
  • our total reach is 128 million so far and counting