Total reach:
393.7 k
Unique reach:
354.4 k
7 k
Number of posts

What did the campaign achieve?

Successfully delivered the brand message in 30 days to 393.700 users and generated more than 7.000 likes on a 0,0014 EUR/reach price.

What were the deliverables?

  • Promote Aperol's brand and the Aperol bucket list challenge
  • Deliver key message to the GN18-30 core audience - '" Dolce Vita life spirit and all year round summer"
  • Reach at least 300 k users on Instagram
  • Generate authentic content about having an Aperol spritz in a sunny atmosphere

What was the campaign tactic?

Representing the great feeling when you leave your comfort zone and doing something unusual. Raise awareness on the online Aperol's challenge.

What were the influencers' tasks?

  • Involve lifestyle influencers between 18-30,
  • Create a specific content about one of the Aperol's challenges
  • Represent the "Dolce Vita" lifestyle
  • Raise awareness of the Aperol bucket list game 

Content highlights

7 sport-, fashion-, and lifestyle- influencers with more than 390k followers on Instagram
84.1 k followers
36.8 k followers
30.1 k followers
76.4 k followers
52.9 k followers

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