Total reach:
781 k
Unique reach:
583 k
37.3 k
Number of posts

What did the campaign achieve?

Reached over 700 k followers on Instagram while presented the broad portfolio of Delivery Hero, the biggest food ordering app on the market.

What were the deliverables?

  • Involve authentic influencers from different areas of expertise
  • Reach at least 500 k users on Instagram

What was the campaign tactic?

Involve the most versatile group of influencers to speak to all target groups: you can be a healthy vegan or a meat-lover, Delivery Hero surely offers what you need. Work with creators who love the brand, therefore, deliver more authentic content.

What were the influencers' tasks?

  • Emphasize that Delivery Hero works with the biggest brands such as KFC, Pizza Hut or Vapiano
  • Create the post as authentically as possible
  • Use #orderfromanywhere

Content highlights

80,2 k followers
29,6 k followers
7,7 k followers
112 k followers
11,5 k followers
37,8 k followers