7 + 1 tips to make your blog fancy as funk

Here’s the official toolkit for blogger ninjas. Learn it by your heart and make yourself, your readers and brands happy!

1.The First Paragraph

Make sure any keywords are featured in the first sentence to grab people’s attention. Draw people in by giving a feel or what they can expect from reading he article.

2. Engaging Title

Your title should grab people’s attention, as it is the first thing what a viewer will read. Remember to include any keywords close to the start of the title and try to keep it under 70 characters.

3. World Count

Ideally keep your post to between 500-800 words. This will be long enough to get your message across but also not too long that you lose your reader’s attention.

4. Relevant Image

Addig an image or graphic to your post will make it more engaging for the reader and make the post more shareable.

5. Links

Use links throughout your posts that direct viewers to past blog posts or contact pages. You can also list previous relevant posts that viewers who enjoyed  this might be interested in.

6. Call to Action

Summarise the post with a call to action: this could be a link to another post the reader may enjoy or ask the ma question which they can reply to in the comments.

7. Share on Social

Add some social media buttons to the post, prompting viewers to share.

+1 Timing

The optimum timing for posting is usually on Monday, this is the day when an average blog usually gets the most traffic. Try to post just before noon or early afternoon but avoid early mornings – your readers love to sleep to.