The UBER of influencer marketing has arrived

“Post for Rent has introduced a new share-based business model for influencers and major brands. The Hungarian startup is about to get global expansion.” Here’re our newest media releases.

Two Hungarian media magazines are talking about our services this week and one of them calling Post for Rent the UBER and the Airbnb of influencer marketing. The Marketing and Media – magazine for marketing industry – highlighted that more than 20.000 influencers are using the services of Post for Rent so far, and beside the Hungarian market, influencer and brands have joined from other 15 countries as well.

Another media cover have been released on Startup online with the title “It was never easier to work with influencers.” The magazine for start uppers have stated that Post for Rent has opened an office in London as well so the doors are open widely for the international market too.

Both magazines quoted Gergő Csiszár, CEO of Post for Rent: “From the time a company registers with us, it has access to the full influencer database. There are three ways for advertisers to create campaigns. They can choose to browse the database individually, choose the type of influencers they want to work with and personalize their pricing. The other way is to create a public campaign, so the advertiser just has to pick what he wants to advertise, creates a campaign on mobile application developed for the influencers, and the advertiser selects the most fitting influencers. With this method, the advertisers’ bargaining power is much better, as they can set the amount of money according to the amount of followers, who can directly accept the given fee. This way an advertiser can make a very low-cost and efficient high-end campaign. But the future is, in my point of view, the third model, the Reach campaign. We are working hard on this, in the last one and a half years we have built a huge database of content posted by registered opinion leaders, which is constantly being analyzed not only with the influencer, but also with different deep and machine learning models at the followers level.”