Total reach:
286.1 k
Unique reach:
239.6 k
7.8 k
Number of posts

What did the campaign achieve?

Succesfully delivered the brand message in 2 weeks to 286k users and generated more than 7.8k likes on a 0,00086 EUR/reach price.

What were the deliverables?

  • Increase brand loyalty by local specific limited edition
  • Make widely popular the new online Ballantine's game
  • Involve authentic, fashion -, travel- and lifestyle micro influencers
  • Reach at least 250k users on Instagram

What was the campaign tactic?

Creating content with a local flavour. Place the highlighted special edition of Ballantine's on the photo with the favourite city of the Influencers behind and promote the online game.

What were the influencers' tasks?

  • Promote the Ballantine's limited "I love my city" edition
  • Drive the followers to attend and play the online game
  • Product needs to be implemented on the centre of the content

Content highlights

8 travel -, fashion-- and lifestyle influencers with more than 286k followers on Instagram  
51.3 k followers
49.6 k followers
43.7 k followers
10.9 k followers
26.3 k followers

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