Total reach:
484.4 k
Unique reach:
321.6 k
16.7 k
Number of posts

What did the campaign achieve?

Successfully delivered the brand message in 30 days to 484.400 users and generated more than 16.700 likes on a 0,0014 EUR/reach price.

What were the deliverables?

  • Promote and boost Nike+Training Club app downloads among early adopters and fitness junkies
  • Deliver the 'Stop exercising, start training' message to the GN18-35 core audience
  • Reach at least 450.000 users on Instagram
  • Generate authentic, 'in-use' content

What was the campaign tactic?

  • Involve fashion- and lifestyle influencers between 18-35
  • Create a simple and clean visual word inline with straight message delivery
  • Represent the joy of working out and its emotional impact on influencers

What were the influencers' tasks?

  • Motivate followers to download Nike+Training Club app and deliver the 'Sweat with the best fitness coach' sub-message
  • Take a snapshot during the workout and represent how easy to use the Nike+Training Club app
  • Reveal your chosen training session from the app's directory if it's possible
  • Show your result with your followers and share why you've enjoyed the session

Content highlights

9 fashion and lifestyle influencers with more than 450.000 followers on Instagram.
95.2 k followers
49.6 k followers
63.3 k followers
15.8 k followers
51.3 k followers
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