Total reach:
175 k
Unique reach:
143 k
15.2 k
Number of posts

What did the campaign achieve?

Successfully delivered the campaign message in 30 days to 175.000 users and generated more than 15.200 likes pro bono.

What were the deliverables?

  • Raise awareness of the global children take over campaign of UNICEF
  • Highlight the importance of children's opinion
  • Reach at least 175.000 users on Instagram
  • Generate authentic content

What was the campaign tactic?

Creating content with children in a reverse situation when they are doing their parents' job. Raising awareness on children's take over campaign of UNICEF and representing the importance of the children's opinion.

What were the influencers' tasks?

  • Raise awareness of children takeover UNICEF campaign
  • Take content about the children doing his/her parent's work
  • Use #Unicefchildrentakeover and insert UNICEF's webpage link

Content highlights

6 mothers with more than 175.000 followers on Instagram.
16.6 k followers
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